Innovative Products at Tokyo Gift Fair

photo 1Last week, we attended the 78th International Tokyo Gift Fair by invitation of Couxu International. This trip was a fruitful one for JS Gift Inc (HK) limited. We met many suppliers who are able to support the global gift industry by offering excellent quality products, even with lower order quantity. We also saw many creative Japanese products that are suitable for export to other countries.

The Japanese are well known for their fast thinking, problem solving and innovation capabilities. As Japan experiences challenges because of its low birth-rate, the country cannot depend on its domestic market to keep the economy going. Many small and medium-sized Japanese companies want to expand their operations through exports to other countries. However, they are unsure of how to go about it because of the language barrier.

Couxu International view this challenge as an opportunity to help develop export markets for Japanese businesses. They are a group of young and energetic Japanese and English-speaking entrepreneurs and account managers with a shared vision of helping small and medium-sized Japanese companies reach out to the world.

Creative Companies

photo 2During our trip, we saw a number of creative companies with exceptional products. For example, one supplier uses nothing but the best leather and Hand Crafted leather products to leather key-chain with brass fitting, wallets and coin pouch, travel wallets and many other leather inspired products.

One particular supplier we met with is highly knowledgeable about computer circuit boards with resistors, capacitors, LED and diodes. We can work with their expertise to create innovative daily use gift products such as key-chains, money clips and name cold holders. The list is endless, and each product can be customized with your own design.

This is just a small sample of the products we have selected to share in this blog. To find out more, visit our website to see regular updates on our Japanese products.