For local businesses, we accept payment thru Cheque, GIRO, Bank Transfers, PayPal and Western Union. 50% deposit upon confirmation of order and balance 50% before shipment of goods.

For overseas businesses, we accept payment thru Bank Transfers, Western Union and PayPal. 30% deposit upon confirmation of order and balance 70% before shipment of goods.

We usually ask for the factory details, contact person and product information. We will ask our client to provide a check list for our staff to perform the inspection according to the checklist. We will also take picture of the factory and the products during the inspection. We do provide an evaluation of the production.

It depends on the gifts/product, some gifts/product can be produced in 1-2 pieces which are usually high value gifts, example: 24K Gold plated products.

We mainly produce our gifts in China but we have gifts/products that are produced in India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan.

Yes, you can send us your enquiries via our Contact us page with your detailed gifts requirements. We will reply to your enquires as soon as we can.

Usually it take about 2-3 working days. For some enquires, there are many products in enquiry or the product specification are more complex then we will take a longer time to reply.

Yes, we do shipping of goods for our clients when they place order with us. We can offer Sea freight/Air freight/Courier delivery.

Our normal practice is our client will pay for their own local Duty and Tax in another country. Unless shipment is handle by us within Singapore.

It depends on the product that you need to product. If it is a complex project, it may take about 2-3 months. If it is simple project, it may take about 2-3 weeks.

Please refer to our client list.