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The DS4 is a truly unique promotional ballpoint pen. It has the courage to do away with anything superfluous and attention-snatching. Instead, its minimalism and uncompromising commitment to quality set it apart from the crowd.

Soft Touch

In the premium Soft Touch version, a polished black cover is placed over the clip.

This cover can be printed with your custom design, as well as combined with a chrome finish push button for a striking and high-quality look.



DS4 Tech Specs

Refillable push ball pen with high-quality Floating BallĀ® jumbo refills. Ten standard colours with full-colour polished finish plus a black Soft Touch version. Soft Touch always with clip cover. Optional push button in chrome or satin finish metal. Special body colours available from 10,000 writing instruments. Five print surfaces. Mix & match colours within one plastic surface.


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