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If you look at the DS5 carefully from behind, you will discover, reflected within its form, the number that gave it its name: 5. This pen keeps its promise, making it an ideal personalisable communication medium.

Colour or transparent clip cover

If you are looking for a pen which really turns heads, the design variations featuring a clip cover are spot on: this brings additional colours, surfaces and print surfaces to the design.

The cover helps to form an effective contrast to the body surface. If you opt for the transparent cover, it is possible to print the clip on two levels, as well as insert printed paper or photo elements – so-called “inlays”.

Soft Touch

The black Soft Touch gives the DS5 an understated classic touch.

Here the clip cover can also form a colour contrast to the rest of the pen and feature subtle two-tone printing.


DS5 Tech Specs

Refillable twist ball pen with high-quality Floating Ball® jumbo refills. 39 standard colours in frosted, transparent, matt, polished and varnished. Also available in luxurious Soft Touch. Optional chrome or satin finish metal nose cone. Special body colours available from 10,000 writing instruments. Up to six print surfaces on the version with clip cover. Unique options for inserting image and lenticular inserts into the clip. Mix & match colours within one plastic surface.

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