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Through the symbiosis of elegance, innovation and creativity, the DS7 embodies the values of a brand without it even having to be printed.

Push button?

Hidden within its elegant body surface, there is an innovative mechanism with a push button in the middle of the body surface. The best place to include eye-catching colour highlights.

And whoever picks it up will have a tough time resisting the temptation to play with this button. Try it for yourself!


DS7 Tech Specs

Refillable push ball pen with high-quality Floating BallĀ® jumbo refills. Push button can be contrasted in colour and surface. 39 standard colours in frosted, transparent, matt, polished and varnished. Optional chrome or polished finish metal nose cone. Special body surface colours available from 10,000 pens. Six print areas in total. Mix & match colours within one plastic surface.

FireShot Screen Capture #037 - 'DS7 Tech Specs - Writing instruments by Prodir - Swiss made' - www_prodir_com_en_pens_ds7_tech-specs

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