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With the DS8, Prodir gives the classical triangular pen shape a contemporary interpretation. When writing with this pen, it quickly becomes obvious that ergonomics and functionality were a clear focus during development.

Surface mix

The DS8 mixes different surfaces as standard: The clip and push button have the same colour but can be configured independently of the selected body surface surface. Only for white and black polished DS8s are the clip and push button offered in the same surface and colour.

As an option, the push button is also available in metal, chrome or satin finish. Those who wish to are also free to combine all the different elements as a mix & match solution.



DS8 Tech Specs

Refillable push ball pen with high-quality Floating BallĀ® jumbo refills. 22 standard colours in matt, polished, varnished and Soft Touch. Surface mix of the clip and body surface. Optional push button in chrome or satin look metal. Special body colors available from 10,000 writing instruments. Three print surfaces. Mix & match colours within one plastic surface.

FireShot Screen Capture #038 - 'DS8 Tech Specs - Writing instruments by Prodir - Swiss made' - www_prodir_com_en_pens_ds8_tech-specs

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