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The ES2 is now the DS10!

In addition to the change of name from ES2, the DS10 also offers another upgrade over its predecessor – it is now refillable. This underlines Prodir’s commitment to systematically gearing its portfolio towards long-term durability. After all, only longevity truly guarantees conservation of resources and at the same time ensures that brand messages are communicated over a long period of time, to as many people as possible.

The cut!

The option of changing the refill in the DS10 is achieved via a simple horizontal separation of the body surface. The high-quality material mix of plastic and metal will also remain intact for the DS10.

In addition to the metal clip, the pen is also available with a satin finish or polished metal push button.


DS10 Tech Specs

Refillable push ball pen with high-quality Floating Ball® jumbo refills. Ten standard colours in transparent and full-colour polished. Special body colours available from 10,000 writing instruments. Material mix through very high-quality clip made of satin finish metal as well as push button in chrome finish or satin finish metal. Two print surfaces. Replaces the ES2.


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